Kirsten floating

Kirsten appears in Mirai Yume and is the Skullwitch of Kaikou


Kirsten is a light purple skullwitch-puffball with a fox tail. She still keeps Kaikou's normal hair color, fox tail and colors. She now has shoes similar to Gretchen possessing the same color just swapped places. Her hair is held up into two floppy ponytails by skull barrettes. She wears a light pink maid-like hairband on her hair and her eyes are neon blue.



It is hinted she turns into Kirsten in the true end


Kirsten now does not feel emotions at all. She will kill everyone and everything that tries to see Usotsuki. She will always say something while fighting. She is loyal only to Usotsuki and does whatever she says. She believes she doesn't have any friends and will say if they left her to die what good are they. Kirsten talks in a blank tone similar to how Kabihan did. 


  • Kisten's design is based off of Marie from Skullgirls.


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