Yume true end edited

The new quartet after the true end

Also known as the 'Forgotten Memory' end


Tina and Kirky succesfully escape from Suzu and meet up with Kaikou and defeat and purifie Kabihan. White Kabihan reveals that she just wanted revenge on Pandora for killing her and it got out of hand and she became insane. White Kabihan then says she is Kaikou's sister that went missing. The two Kabihans become one and thank Kaikou for saving her as she dissapears. Forgottenrealm shakes and Tina says that the place is falling apart and they run. Kaikou trips but the three don't stop for her and leave her behind. Kaikou calls out to them but they have already left. Kaikou asks why can't anyone hear me? and sobs. Suddenly, a puffball appears and walks up to Kaikou telling her not to cry. Kaikou asks if she can hear her, Usotsuki nods. Kaikou asks her why no one can hear her. Usotsuki laughs saying they aren't friends. Kaikou gasps and asks if that's true. Usotsuki says if her friends left her to die what good are they. Kaikou yells and says it's not true. Usotsuki smirks and says that it's alright and pulls Kaikou closer saying you're not alone. I'll always stay with you. Kaikou sobs again hugging Usotsuki agreeing calling her 'Haruka-san' Usotsuki smiles and says I'll stay with you're finally mine my precious little Kaikou's appearance changes. Meanwhile, the trio were trying to find a way out until Chichi pulls out Galakia and teleports them back to their world. Tina asks everyone if they all escaped. Kirky nods and Chichi says yes. Tina says that's all three of us and says they all escaped. Kirky cheers and then sees Chichi with a gloomy face. He asks her what's wrong. Chichi looks at the sky and says that she feels like she's forgetting something but later forgets about it. Suddenly, a small puffball apporoaches them. The trio turns around and Tina asks who the puffball is. The puffball nervously says her name is Kaiykou and asks if she can join their team. The three think about it and Kirky smiles and says yes. Kaiykou smiles and runs towards them.


  • It is possible that Kaiykou is a half of Kaikou that broke off after Usotsuki took her away
  • Usotsuki is Japenese for liar 

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