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Nui smile

People usually see me like this...

Harry potter puppet

..but on the inside I'm like this.

Helloz random ppl! I'm Nyanko and I'm a big fan of Corpse Party and Hetalia. My favorie of the ghost children is Tokiko~she needs more love..btw all the drawing used here are mine. That is unless you put fanart of my ocs, that would be appeciated. I also have lots of Tumblr rp blogs. Here are the links. 

Personal Sideblog: [1]

Kirby Comics Sideblog: [2]

Yuki Kanno Rp Sideblog: [3]

Kokuhaku Akaboji Rp Sideblog: [4]

Multimuse Rp Blog: [5]

So yeah that's the things you need to know now leave

Mirai dekamori
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