Usotsuki's profile (artist forgot to draw pockets in cape

Usotsuki appears in the True End of Yume and is a witch puffball.


Usotsuki is a light pink witch-puffball with a cat tail. She has shoes similar to Gretchen's except with pinks. She has distorted pink on the top, dark pink leggings in the middle and another distorted pink on the bottom. Her hair is light brown and is in two curls with two not visible hairpins. Her eyes are bright green and she has a big light pink bow on the top of her head and has a big white cape with different color potions.




She appears briefly in the true end of Yume. She comforts and convinces Kaikou her friends are nothing and that she will stay with Kaikou forever. She says 'I'll stay with you're finally mine my precious little puppet..' before the scene ends revealing that she is a witch-puffball.


  • Usotsuki's design is based off of Haruka from Senran Kagura. Kaikou playing the role of Hibari .
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